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  • the website could include a list of residents and give people the option of having their contact information available to others.  

  • a section for people to list their companies (ie: if you own a plumbing company you could list/advertise this so others might hire you) and perhaps advertisements for a fee.  

  • one section should be for neighbors helping neighbors.  Those that babysit or pet sit, those that will help shut-ins, could have a place to give their information for others to connect.  

  • A link to our Facebook group is a must.  

  • we would need a section with copy of our deed restrictions, 

  • link to management company, and copy of form for architectural review committee, 

  • information from last meeting and information for next meeting. 

  • A section showing pictures/bio of each board member and how to contact them.  

  • Community events section if we have any.  

  • Basically this website could be a more detailed version of the newsletter. 

  • Some of this same info could be in the newsletter, overlapping reinforces a cohesiveness.   

  • What were your thoughts about the website and/or newsletter?

  • Update

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