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Grandefield on Poley Creek is a deed-restricted community with a governing homeowner association (HOA) that enforces certain rules and regulations regarding the look of a neighborhood, as well as property uses. The goal of the community is to promote a fluid look throughout a neighborhood, which in turn helps maintain home values.
Grandefield's current Governing Documents address the following: 

 - The style of architecture used to build a new home on the block or a separate standing structure on your property.
 - Where cars may be parked including NEVER be permitted on lawns and also include no parking on the street overnight.
 - What type of vehicles can be parked in the neighborhood including RVs, trailers, and other large vehicles of the sort. 
 - The color you can paint your home, mailbox, etc.
 - What type of plants you install, including height of trees.
 - How often trash needs to be taken out and removed, as well as how long your trash is allowed to sit outside and where your cans are stored
 - How many animals and what type of animals live on your property. 
 - What type of additions you can complete on your property, including garages, swimming pools, garden sheds, outbuildings, fencing, etc.

Please review the Governing Documents under Deed Restrictions to review the current restrictions.  To submit a request to make a change to the exterior of your home, please request an Architectural Review Request at  It will be sent to EnProVera Management Company which will reviewed by the Design Review Board (DRC).  The request will be approved within 30 days.

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