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The Grandefield on Poley Creek HOA Beautification Committee is comprised of community volunteers dedicated to the pursuit of beautifying the community of Grandefield, as well as, stimulating community pride, teamwork and promoting the betterment of the community and its landscape.


The Beautification Committee maintains and improves, when needed, the grass, trees, plants, flowers, and grounds located in the common properties (open space, trails, ponds, streets, median islands, entrances, and park).  Makes recommendations for flower and tree plantings or other landscaping improvements to the common areas and oversees the seasonal maintenance activities.


The Grandefield HOA board has created an annual budget for the Beautification Committee, which will then be used to carry out the committee’s day-to-day operations. 


Listed below are the roles and responsibilities for the Beautification Committee:

  • Consult with contracted landscaping company to insure any changes do not impact the landscaping budget

  • Review and make recommendation to landscaping company of current contract

  • Make recommendations for fertilization, irrigation, and maintenance

  • Schedule and coordinate community Beautification Days for the residents to participate in


The Beautification Committee helps to maintain the landscaping and aesthetics in our community by working on projects such as planting flowers, conducting trash pickups, and organizing seasonal decorations.

The Beautification Committee is made up of members who are willing to volunteer their time to keep our community beautiful for all to enjoy.

  • They make suggestions and share our ideas with the Board of Directors

  • What improvements would you like to see? Your suggestions are always welcomed.

  • Come join the committee and share your ideas.

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